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Get Connected

AllPro NYC provides real solutions to dealing with dementia .

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Become certified

We are living in a time where we all need to take a proactive instead of reactive approach to dealing with our health, well-being. and careers. Lets face it Dementia is a huge problem that is not going away. The key to making the best of this is understanding.

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Dementia Care whisperer

Find your Dementia care Whisperer!!! AllPro NYC is staffed by RN's with big hearts, that understand how important it is to feel understood! Our core mission is to foster connections that uplift and validate relationships during any stage of dementia.

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CPR Heart Saver trainings

Don't let the life slip through your hands. Chest compressions offered quickly can mean the difference between life and death!

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Fight stress and find serenity

AllPro NY is an advocate for giving older adults and their families the ability to take control o the care they receive. We offer nurse concierge services and the consumer directive personal assistance

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Certified Care Pro

CPR/Basic Life Support

Being ready to do your best to save a life can be critical to a loved one or for you to keep…

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Health Education

We are living in a time where we all need to take a proactive…

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Dementia Certified Practitioner Course

Our Alzheimer Disease and Dementia care Trainers are Certified by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. They are required to complete annual CEUS(continuing education…

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AllproNY Health services is all about providing quality innovative trainings and services to anyone whom is seeking to improve self, confidence, provide stellar care, or take control of there health life. AllproNY Health services currently provides  three main services. Dementia Care education Our aim is to bring light to all lives affected by Alzheimer and […]

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