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Doctors’ Notes: For Alzheimer’s researchers, the glass is half full We can harness the power of basic science and clinical data to find treatments.

We’re on the verge of a major health crisis, with age-related dementias like Alzheimer’s disease expected to surge — largely due to advances in medicine that are allowing us to live longer. As a physician and researcher, I see examples every day of caregivers and families struggling to find support as they care for their […]

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5 Common Money Mistakes in Mild-Stage Dementia

watch your wallet — or more precisely, your loved one’s wallet and checkbook. Problems concerning money can strike early in mild dementia and are often a symptom of cognitive issues before dementia is diagnosed. Some common problems and what to do about them: Problem Confusion when making change (such as giving back too much or […]

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The Stages of Alzheimer’s: What to Expect

What to expect as Alzheimer’s progresses One vexing thing about Alzheimer’s, especially in the beginning, is how its effects differ from person to person. The person you’re caring for might not experience every symptom or behavioral change, and the disease’s timetable can vary. A particular Alzheimer’s stage may last years longer for one person than […]

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