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New Dementia Care Trainings


“Normal aging vs Not normal Aging”

Training explores the differences between aging naturally and dementia. This class is perfect for those who need clear and simple way to better assess their loved ones or clients. Once you know this foundational info you can provide more person centered individualized care.(2 hour course)

Positive Approach to Care Hand over Hand Technique

Training is very hands on, and it teaches the best approach to use to start an interactions with a person living with dementia. Mastering this techniques to leads to less stress for you and client, and will allow you to feel more confident and productive as a caregiver.(3 hour course)


Gems are all precious stones that have unique facets and flaws. In the midst of living with dementia the brain is changing and with each change their are things that a well trained caregiver can do to allow that person to shine as best as they can regardless of the stage they are in. Knowing how to help your loved on shine will make you confident and indispensable (1 hour course)

Taking these courses will take you from good to great!!