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About Project 5 Stars New Jersey: Project 5 Stars has been instrumental in providing professional programs to enhance the customer service standards of almost 2,000 drivers in New York and New Jersey areas.  The enhance 5 hour program is though by professional 5 Star drivers and works with partners in various black car service company to achieve a better performance in the field as well as methods and technics needed to increase revenue , better understand various black car service platforms and both maintain  increase and  partners ratings.  This five (5) hour certification program  has been tested and proven in various states around the US.  Our methods teaches real life customer interactivity as well as street knowledge , Navigations , Quota system , laws that governs the industry , safety , preventions technics as well as high level technics needed to perform your duties as a 5 star partner.

The Black Car industry:

The Job of Blackcar driving offers a solution to persons whom need flexibility in work schedules. Blackcar Drivers earn an exceptional high level income with a flexible schedule. With the growing demand for E-Hail programs in New York City more and more drivers and leaving other profession and owning their own BlackCar or SUV. Understanding beyond the basics of this new high demand trend will significantly improve your earning weekly potential. Services such as UBER currently promote the fact that you can easily make $5,000 guaranteed but most drivers are even making more than promoted with a average earning of over $96,000 / Per year. This is is a great field and the demand will only grown.


BlackCar drivers and chauffeurs may work any schedule, including full-time, part-time, night, evening, weekend, and seasonal work.

Many drivers like the independent, unsupervised work of driving their automobile.

Local governments set license standards for driving experience and training; many taxi and limousine companies set higher standards.

Anyone who has been in a large city knows the importance of taxi and limousine services. Drivers and chauffeurs help passengers get to and from their homes, workplaces, and recreational pursuits such as dining, entertainment, and shopping, as well as to and from business-related events. These professional drivers also help out-of-town business people and tourists get around in unfamiliar surroundings. Some drivers offer sight-seeing services around their city.

As lucrative as this field may sound you will not be successful if you have poor customer skill or little knowledge of the city. We provide a comprehensive inside information to get you to the next level..Register today and take advantage of the vast earning potential