Total Caribbean Network the leader in new media Caribbean television programing has taken TV to the next level with the launch and introduction of TCN+plus. The new platform works well with any television set and connect to the service via any regular internet connection (Hard Line or WIFI). The devices are expect to go on sale in around the Caribbean, New York, Canada and England in January of

 2013 and will a bundled with LIVE streaming channels from around the region and the world. Over 18 local and regional stations are expected to added to the platform before the official launch date. The platform also feature and extensive lineup of live and ondemand channels from around the world, from HBO GO, Netflick , Newscaster , Disney , Crackle, Huluplus and more. Social media sites such as FACEBOOK can also be access on the device without the need for any PC.TCN+Plus is here PRE ORDER NOW 212-851-3272 or email

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